Rebecca McIntyre

I live in the  idyllic small town of Galena, nestled in the beautiful hills of northern Illinois. My home is out in the country surrounded by hardwood forests, the ever changing beauty of wildflowers and grasses, and a plethora of songbirds and butterflies!  I’m a passionate gardener and anticipate each season’s blooms as I continue to plant, transplant and expand my gardens!

  I started designing  jewelry many years ago using my fused glass artwork..... because I love COLOR!  Jewelry with color makes a neutral outfit pop, adds another element to a vibrant outfit, and makes a statement when you walk into a room! A natural compliment to my fused glass designs are beautiful crystal and glass beads.  Loving all things in bloom….. I had a revelation that I should incorporate my love for flora and fauna into my designs also.  All of the photos in the below gallery are from my gardens. I start planting in early spring and spend a little time each day taking care of the beautiful blooms. The flowers, along with nature's creatures that surround them are my daily inspiration for designing this new jewelry collection -— Butterblooms!