I LOVE to do custom design work and understand that some gals out there just really want a one of a kind custom piece of jewelry!  

Maybe you’re thinking......


“I have an antique piece of jewelry I bought at an estate sale that I would love to have updated!”


“I have all these gorgeous beads that were my grandmother's and I would love to turn them into a piece of jewelry I can wear now!”


“I would really like this Butterbloom’s charm with that piece of Butterbloom’s glass and exactly this length…..I just need a custom piece of jewelry with exactly what I want!”


"I have 6 gorgeous bridesmaids and I would love a special Butterbloom’s bridal party necklace for each to wear in my wedding!”


I have had people say all these things to me and I’ve made them ecstatic with custom designs to fill their needs!  I will work with you by communicating on all the details of your custom design and quote you a price before I even begin the design work.  In the end you will have a gorgeous one of a kind piece of jewelry that can be cherished for generations!


Give me a call or email and let’s chat about your project…..I guarantee it will be fun and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome!

Custom Design